General Elective

Tentative List of Suggested General Courses for Third Semester Pavas Examination 2020

S. No. Course Name Course S. No.
1 Fundamentals of English Grammar & Vocabulary GE6P005
2 Understanding English Literature- Poetry GE6P007
3 fgUnh lkfgR;& dfork GE6P017
4 Indian Political System & Politics GE6P031
5 Gandhian Thoughts GE6P033
6 Local Administration in Rajasthan GE6P053
7 Financial Accounting GE6P058
8 GST in India GE6P060
9 Taxation and Security Market GE6P076
10 Tourism GE6P078
11 Introduction to Mass Communication GE6P112
12 Copywriting GE6P114
13 Environment, Development & Climate Change  GE6P122
14 Environmental Pollution GE6P124
15 Introduction Psychology GE6P128
16 Human Behavior and Behavioral Psychology GE6P130
17 Food & Nutrition- I GE6P191
18 Human Development- I GE6P192
19 Textile and Apparel- I GE6P193
20 Indian Modern and Contemporary Art GE6P233
21 Nature Drawing (Theory/ Practical) GE6P235
22 Business Foundations GE6P291
23 Fundamentals of Enterprenurship GE6P292


BoS S. No. Course Title Type NSQF Level/S
English 5 Fundamentals of English Grammar & Vocabulary  GF/Thy 6P
7 Understanding English Literature- Poetry  GE/Thy 6P
15 fgUnh laokn dkS'ky GF/Thy 6P
16 fgUnh ukVd vkSj mldh yksd 'kSfy;k¡ GE/Thy 6P
Social Science 31 Indian Political System & Politics GE/Thy 6P
33 Gandhian Thoughts GE/Thy 6P
38 Introduction to Sociology GE/Thy 6P
40 Diversity and Social Justice GE/Thy 6P
44 Fundamentals of Microeconomics GE/Thy 6P
46 Principle of Economics GE/Thy 6P
51 Public Administration in India GE/Thy 6P
53 Local Adminstration in Rajasthan GE/Thy 6P
Commerce & Management 58 Financial Accounting GE/Practical 6P
60 GST in India GE/Practical 6P
65 Business Laws GE/Thy 6P
69 Securities Markets and Trading  GE/Thy 6P
71 Business Economics GE/Thy 6P
73 Banking &Financial Systems in India GE/Thy 6P
76 Taxation and Security Market GE/Thy 6P
78 Tourism GE/Thy 6P
Humanities & Philosophy 91 Indian Philosophy GE/Thy 6P
93 Symbolic Logic GE/Thy 6P
101 Introduction to Anthroplogy GE/Thy 6P
103 Introduction to Gender Studies GE/Thy 6P
106 Ancient Indian History GE/Thy 6P
112 Introduction to Mass Communication GE/Thy 6P
114 Copywriting GE/Thy 6P
Life Sciences 122 Enviornment, Development & Climate Change GE/Thy 6P
124 Environmental Pollution GE/Thy 6P
128 Introductory Psychology GE/Thy 6P
130 Human Behaviour & Behavioural Psychology GE/Thy 6P
135 Plant systematic and taxonomy GE/Thy 6P
137 Plant bio-chemistry and phytochemistry GE/Thy 6P
144 Zoological systematic and taxonomy GE/Thy 6P
146 Animal Physiology & Biochemistry GE/Thy 6P
Physical Sciences 151 Mechanics GE/Thy 6P
153 Waves and Optics GE/Thy 6P
154 Electricity, Magnetism and Electromagnetism GE/Thy 6P
156 Electronic Devices and Applications GE/Thy 6P
158 Experimental Physics- Mechanical and Optical GE/Practical 6P
171 Inorganic Chemistry -I GE/Thy 6P
172 Organic Chemistry -I GE/Thy 6P
173 Physical Chemistry -I GE/Thy 6P
177 Experimental Chemistry –Inorganic GE/Practical 6P
179 Experimental Chemistry –Physical GE/Practical 6P
Home Science 191 Food and Nutrition- I GE/Thy 6P
192 Human Development- I GE/Thy 6P
193 Textile and Apparel- I GE/Thy 6P
Mathematical Sciences 201 Discrete Mathematics GE/Thy 6P
202 Calculus GE/Thy 6P
203 Analytical Geometry GE/Thy 6P
211 Probability Theory GE/Thy 6P
212 Descriptive Statistics GE/Thy 6P
Performing Arts 221 Introduction to Indian Music GE/Thy 6P
223 Introduction to Theory of Dance GE/Thy 6P
225 Harmonium Vadan Perfromance GE/Practical 6P
227 Khatak Dance Performance GE/Practical 6P
Visual Arts 231 Fundamentals of Visual Arts GE/Thy 6P
233 Indian Modern and Contemporary Art GE/Thy 6P
235 Nature Drawing GE/Practical 6P
Law 241 Constitution of India GE/Thy 6P
242 Law of Contracts GE/Thy 6P
243 Law of Torts and Easements GE/Thy 6P
Engineering 251 Introduction to Engineering GE/Thy 6P
252 Fundamentals of System Engineering GE/Thy 6P
253 Water Resource Planning and Management GE/Thy 6P
261 Mechanical  Engineering Essentials GE/Thy 6P
263 Fluid Mechanics and Machines GE/Thy 6P
267 Electrical Engineering Essentials GE/Thy 6P
268 Electrical Machines -I GE/Thy 6P
274 Electronic Devices and Circuits GE/Thy 6P
281 Computer Science Essentials for Software GE/Thy 6P
282 Operating System Fundamentals GE/Thy 6P
283 Data Structure & Algorithm GE/Thy 6P
Entrepreneurship 291 Business Foundations GE/Thy 6P
292 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship GE/Thy 6P
293 Entrepreneurial Finance,  Venture Capital and Private Equity GE/Thy 6P

Tentative List of Suggested General Courses for Fifth Semester Pavas Examination 2020

BoS S. No. Course Title Type NSQF Level/S
English 9 Understanding English Literature –Prose and Fiction GE/Thy 7P
Hindi 19 ledkyhu fgUnh lkfgR; GE/Thy 7P
301 fgUnh l`tukRed ys[ku dkS'ky GE/Thy 7P
MEL 25 French Literature Selected Readings GE/Thy 7P
Social Science 35 International Relations of India GE/Thy 7P
37 Data Analysis for Social Scientist GE/Practical 7P
42 Corporate Social Responsibilities GE/Thy 7P
48 International Economics and Trade GE/Thy 7P
54 Contemporary Indian Governance Scenario GE/Thy 7P
Commerce & Management 62 Corporate Accounting GE/Practical 7P
67 Company Law GE/Thy 7P
80 Introduction to Human Resource Management GE/Thy 7P
82 International Finance GE/Thy 7P
84 Organizational Behaviour GE/Thy 7P
86 Business Analytic Fundamentals GE/Thy 7P
88 Functional Management GE/Thy 7P
90 Enterprise Risk Management GE/Thy 7P
Humanities & Philosophy 95 Comparative Religion GE/Thy 7P
97 Professional Ethics GE/Thy 7P
99 Philosophy of Aesthetics GE/Thy 7P
104 Social Movements and Protest Politics GE/Thy 7P
108 History of Modern India GE/Thy 7P
111 History of Modern World GE/Thy 7P
116 Writing for Social Media GE/Thy 7P
118 Short Film and Video Production GE/Practical 7P
119 Effective Public Speaking GE/Thy 7P
Life Sciences 126 Origin of Life and Evolution GE/Thy 7P
132 Empathy and Emotional Intelligence at Work  GE/Thy 7P
139 Cell Biology and Plant Genetics GE/Thy 7P
141 Economic Botany GE/Thy 7P
143 Horticulture GE/Practical 7P
148 Molecular Biology GE/Thy 7P
150 Developmental Biology GE/Thy 7P
Physical Sciences 160 Experimental Physics- Electronic Devices and Applications GE/Practical 7P
161 Quantum Mechanics GE/Thy 7P
163 Solid-State Physics GE/Thy 7P
165 Astrophysics GE/Thy 7P
167 Modern Physics GE/Thy 7P
169 Mathematical Physics and Relativity GE/Thy 7P
181 Inorganic Chemistry -III GE/Thy 7P
182 Organic Chemistry -III GE/Thy 7P
183 Physical Chemistry -IIII GE/Thy 7P
187 Experimental Chemistry – Adv Inorganic GE/Practical 7P
189 Experimental Chemistry –Adv Physical GE/Practical 7P
Home Science 197 Life-Span Development GE/Thy 7P
199 Family and Community Nutrition GE/Thy 7P
Mathematical Sciences 207 Special Functions and Integral Transform GE/Thy 7P
208 Real Analysis GE/Thy 7P
215 Sample Surveys GE/Thy 7P
217 Statistical Modelling GE/Thy 7P
219 Statistics using Python GE/ Practical 7P
Performing Arts 229 Presentation of Ragas GE/Practical 7P
Visual Arts 237 Computer Graphic GE/Practical 7P
239 Composition with moulding and casting GE/Practical 7P
Law 247 Indian Penal Code GE/Thy 7P
249 Arbitration Law GE/Thy 7P
Engineering 257 Rural Infrastructure Planning and Management GE/Thy 7P
259 Geographical Information System GE/Thy 7P
265 Casting Forming and Welding GE/Practical 7P
271 Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation GE/Thy 7P
273 Control System GE/Thy 7P
276 Integrated Electronics GE/Thy 7P
277 Digital Signal Processing GE/Thy 7P
280 Robotics Essentials GE/Thy 7P
287 Web Development GE/Practical 7P
289 Computer Network and Security GE/Thy 7P
Entrepreneurship 297 Launching Startup  GE/Thy 7P
299 Product Management GE/Thy 7P